The Gratitude Flip: A Mind Hack For Enhancing Daily Positivity

The gratitude flip is a simple mindset hack that lets you instantly flip from negativity and complaining to gratitude and optimism. Developing this habit has helped me minimise my negative thoughts while maximising mindfulness and gratitude.

It’s Really Simple

Every time you catch yourself mentally or verbally complaining about something, stop that train of thought and replace it with gratitude. Instead of starting your thought or sentence with “I’m so annoyed that …”, or “I hate the fact that …”, flip it to “I’m so grateful …” or “I’m so blessed …”.

I specifically chose the following photo for this post, because it shows children enjoying water. These are possibly poor children that have so much to complain about, yet they excited about having running water.

Here are some real world examples of how I’ve used the Gratitude Flip in my life.

Example 1: Air Travel

Complaint: I’m so annoyed that the flight is so expensive, that check-in is taking so long, that there is so little leg room, that the airline food is so terrible, that the flight is taking so long, etc.

Flipped Gratitude: I’m so grateful to even get the chance to enjoy air travel. This opens up the opportunity for me to explore new places and visit friends and family overseas. Modern flight is an amazing miracle. Climbing into a metal tube that transports you to a distant destination is truly unbelievable, yet these days so simple, safe and affordable. You even get to enjoy a meal and a drink while surfing the clouds.

Example 2: Technology & Connectivity

Complaint: I’m so annoyed that my computer/mobile phone is so slow and that the Internet keeps disconnecting.

Flipped Gratitude: I’m so grateful to have access to modern technology including the Internet, as it lets me learn, communicate and work online from almost anywhere.

Example 3: Illness & Pain

Complaint: I can’t stand this pain/injury I have in my leg.

Flipped Gratitude: I’m so grateful that I’m generally healthy. I have two legs and I can walk wherever I want to go. I can manage this pain and overcome this illness or injury.

Practice daily to make it an automated response.

Whenever you find something to complain about, you can flip it to uncover the gratitude, even in the most terrible situations. Give it a try and see how it affects your mindset. The more you practice the more it will turn into an automatic response. You’ll increase your overall level of gratitude and create an overall shift from negativity to optimism.

Next time before you flip your lid, stop and instead flip over to gratitude.

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