If You Can Imagine It, You Can Create It

This past weekend I went to watch Nitro Circus Live at the Cape Town Stadium. If you haven’t seen the movie or heard of this show, think massive ramps, BMX bikes and FMX bikes flying through the air. All round adrenaline, shenanigans and death defying stunts performed to fast paced punk music, fireworks and thousands of cheering spectators. This might not be everybody’s idea of a good time, but keep reading.

They call it “The Greatest Action Sports Show Ever Produced” and I must agree with that statement. I was so impressed that I created a short video to show you some of the highlights. More about that later.

I am, however, not writing this post to talk about action sports. While sitting in the stands admiring these dare devils, I thought to myself that this massive show and brand started with a single idea. The founder of Nitro Circus, Travis Pastrana, dreamt up this idea, had a vision and made it happen.

What is Nitro Circus?

Nitro Circus is an “action sport collective” led by Travis Pastrana, featuring his friends and him traveling around the world riding dirtbikes, base jumping, and performing stunts. It has spawned a tour, a second television series based on the tour, and a 3D feature film.” – Wikipedia

Click Here To Watch The Movie Trailer

The Nitro Circus crew have also created “Nitro City“- an action sports resort in Panama.

What a great example of combining a passion for action sports and stunts with the entertainment industry of films, TV series and live shows. And then expanding that brand into hospitality and tourism.

And all of this started with one crazy idea. Proving again that, “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” – Apple Advert 1997

Click here or see below this post to watch my vide of Nitro Circus Live in Cape Town.

What’s Your Idea?

What’s your crazy (or not so crazy) idea? How would you like to change the world?
Leave a comment below, I’d love to learn more about what you’re working on.

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